Key Ideas in Law

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Key Ideas Contract 9781509907212.jpg
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Key Ideas Administrative 9781509910618.jpg
Key Ideas Constitutional 9781509910038.jpg


Each of the Key Ideas in Law books is
a bright, light colour combined with Adobe Garamond Pro. Because why can't law books be fun, dynamic and engaging?

The covers were designed to be collectable – to look especially good as a set to encourage those interested in Law to look further and find out more.

The series aims provide an strong introduction to various areas of Law accessible to A Level and undergraduate students.


Understanding Philosophy, Understanding Modernism

Understanding Blanchot 9781501331398.jpg
Understanding Ranciere 9781501311383.jpg

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The Classics Reimagined


In my own time, I redesigned some of the literary classics of the English language.

Presenting bold, fresh approaches to titles that have had many incarnations is a difficult challenge, but certainly an exciting one.

The design is heavily inspired by early twentieth century Russian constructivist propaganda.