Significant Emotiocs 9781350026797

Social Interaction and Dramatic Performa

Understanding Media Semiotics 2nd ed 978

Verbal Art 9781350027459

Remedies for Breach of Privacy 978150991

Durkheim 9781350055209

Second Language Acquisition 978147427486

language of touch 9781350059269

Counter-terrorism... 9781509915750

Language of Brexit 9781350047969

Cover designs for Bloomsbury Publishing

From March 2016 until March 2018 Olivia D'Cruz worked as an in-house book cover designer for Bloomsbury Publishing. During this very productive period she designed several series designs as well as bespoke covers. She continues to receive commissions for cover designs as a freelancer.

Key Ideas Administrative 9781509910618

Key Ideas Contract 9781509907212

Key Ideas Land 9781509910779

Key Ideas Human Rights 9781509910106

Key Ideas Constitutional 9781509910038

2 - Men's Suicide Notes - visuals4

1 - Constructions of Migrant Integration

Constructions of Migrant  9781350029200.


Politics of Rhetoric 9781474297745

Understanding Wittgenstein 9781501302442

Understanding James 9781501302749

Understanding Blanchot 9781501331398

Understanding Foucault 9781628927726

Understanding Cavell 9781501313660

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Social Interaction and Dramatic Performa