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Wayfinding for Woodford Dental Care

As part of the rebrand of Woodford Dental Care's new premises, Olivia designed a wayfinding system to direct patients around the new building. She designed vinyl signage, installed by Exhibit Printing (Brighton) and a painted stripe feature which patients can follow to the first floor waiting room. Olivia also commissioned Giles Herman to design customised door signs for the building.

Wayfinding for 

Happy Kids Dental

This six floor dental practice dedicated to the care of children required a carefully considered wayfinding system. Each floor required a sign next to the lifts, directional arrows and floor markers in the stairwells as well as door signs for over 40 rooms. Olivia worked with DDPC Architects and Interior Design to design a system that would work with the building's varied interiors. Olivia commissioned Exhibit Printing to print and install the wayfinding graphics.

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